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Archive of African Art

My friends and l want to create a digital archive of African Art online! We underestimated the challenges that we would face in our endeavor.

Society’s heritage has been presented on many different materials, including stone, vellum, bamboo, silk, and paper. Now a large quantity of information exists in digital forms, including emails, blogs, social networks websites, national elections websites, web photo albums, and sites, which change their content over time. With digital media it is easier to create content and keep it up-to-date, but at the same time there are many challenges in the preservation of this content, both technical and economic. We thought it was time that African Art made it’s mark in cyber space.

Many people are skeptical about allowing their work to be published online, they fear that some malicious person will infringe on their “masterpiece”, make money from it and they wont get a dime! They are content in having their work only shared in small galleries, in some remote forgotten location in the city. That’s the challenge we find as we try to built an archive of Africa‘s Art. Resistance from Government, Artists and societies means that much of African Art will never be appreciate in the next few years. Some might even  be lost forever.

But l am determined to overcome all these challenges in 2013. The advantages of technology far out way the disadvantages. Rather than looking at what could go wrong l’m gonna focus on what could actually go well for artists who decide to adopt the internet as the chief instrument for their expression.





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