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This past Saturday at 4:00 am – Rockstars at Cmedia Studios woke up, made coffee and headed out to Ngomo Kurira. Pumped with excitement for this new shoot, the team knew that our set would consist of fire, a steep rock face and a few death defying climbs. Yes

Ngoma Kurira is a solid rock cliff that lies 30 minutes out of Zimbabwe‘s capital city Harare. There are easy ways to scale this mountain, but there are also hard ways. For this short film… we needed to climb the hard angle with an entire crew.
“I’ve taken people on this climb before, who exercise regularly… and they got stuck,” said director Tommy Deuschle, “But this team is so dedicated to telling the best stories that I know they’ll go to the extreme to get the shots.”
The short film is for the opening of Celebrate International’s annual conference “Action”, where Christians from all over the world come together, set vision, create relationships and experience God’s presence.
The sun started to rise and the camera’s were out. GoPro‘s, P2’s, a Cannon and a few iphones started the climb along with Jethro; The focal point of our talent that day.
“It was probably the most exhilarating shooting piece we’ve done as a team,” said Munya Bloggo (C Media team) “Most of the guys reached a point in the climb where they wanted God to come back, because it seemed to high to carry on.” The end of the morning saw the final shots at the top of the mountain. They were epic! Here are a few photo’s of the shoot. We’re looking forward to editing all the pieces together for an awesome Action 2013. (21st – 26th Celebration Center).
We’re honored as a team to be able to work with Celebrate International’s vision of “Building people, Building Dreams, Building the Kingdom,” which is what this short film is about. Stay connected with us to see the final production. It’ll blow your socks off.


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