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The Land of Amharic

Most of my friends agree that, of all the African people….Ethiopians are the most attractive. There is something about their complexion, hair and eyes that make them stand out. But the most fascinating thing about Ethiopia is its rich heritage with the oldest written language Amharic. Ralph Bennett Crignola capture some fascinating scenes of a country emerging … Continue reading

Marange In 2006

  Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi – Discovery of Diamonds in Zimbabwe in 2006 led thousands of people to converge in Marange on the eastern part of the country.In a bid to get rich quickly hundreds of people abandoned their conventional jobs and armed themselves with Shovels and other digging equipment in the hope of finding the precious … Continue reading

Smiles in the Streets of Senegal

Anthony Kurtz  In the summer of 2011, I volunteered with an organization in the U.S that sends high-school kids to Senegal to do community work, in the hopes of making a difference and experiencing something out of the norm. I planned on doing a lot of personal work while on location. When I wasn’t needed, … Continue reading


Johannes Heuckeroth: Dubai – an unfinished dream. Showing the surreal world of Dubai between building lots and glittering towers at night. http://dreaming-of-dubai.com


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