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Somewhere in Africa….

            …. Someone doesn’t really care what the world thinks Somewhere in Africa technology is not that important, relationships are Somewhere in Africa a child is happier climbing a tree, than a child playing on the latest XBox Somewhere in Africa someone will never have electricty, and the couldn’t careless … Continue reading

[Download Program] International Images Film Festival For Women 2013

The International Images Film Festival for Women (IIFF) 2013, the only annual women’s festival South of the Sahara, this year celebrates its 12th anniversary. Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe (WFOZ) is inviting you and your organization to make IIFF 2013a special celebration for the festival, its beneficiaries and the women activists who run it. IIFF was … Continue reading

Film Profile – ANTI-VIOLENCE CRUSADE [Documentary] : International Images Film Festival For Women 2013

In November 2011, the Principals of the three main Zimbabwean political parties in the Inclusive Government met at an Anti-violence Indaba to engage on politically motivated violence with all parties condemning it. Political violence has over the years affected negatively the lives of women and children in Zimbabwe. Communities remain scarred, polarized, intolerant and without … Continue reading

Film Profile – 100 Bucks [Short Film] – International Images Fim Festival 2013

100 bucks is an urban story of the journey of a 100-dollar note that passes from hand of hand – to hands of need and through thieving hands. Through the journey of the currency, brief insights into the lives of different characters are revealed that weave in and out of each other’s lives and the … Continue reading

Chiwoniso : The Girl From Dangamvura

Chiwoniso Dead at 37. That was the headline of a local paper. It was a shocking headline for Zimbabweans today. When l was a kid in Dangamvura Chiwoniso lived next door to us. She stayed with her grandmother l think after her dad died. We would always buy her gogo’s banana’s as an excuse to … Continue reading

Danai Gurira – The Convert

My friend Joel Jaratina jumped into the office, handed me his iphone and told me to click play. From the look on his face he knew l would love whatever it is he had. It was an interview on the local news. Joel was kind enough to record it for and in the process was … Continue reading

Chashe – Dhi (Lyric Video)

Dhi, the debut single by singer/songwriter Chashe, is a catchy feel-good song that remembers young love. In her own words, “Dhi takes you back to that first, the love that you were so “into”, it consumed everything about you, so much that you didn’t care what rules you broke along the way!” The song has … Continue reading


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